When it comes to typeset­ting sci­en­ti­fic texts in the fiel­ds of mathe­ma­tics, sci­en­ces and com­pu­ter sci­ence, the typeset­ting sys­tem LaTeX has beco­me a de facto stan­dard. It is spe­ci­al­ly desi­gned for typeset­ting mathe­ma­ti­cal for­mu­las and stands out due to the excel­lent typeface out­put that it crea­tes. Therefore, it is used by most sci­en­ti­fic publishers for book typeset­ting.

I have exten­si­ve know­ledge in using the typeset­ting pro­gram LaTeX. I obtai­ned this know­ledge main­ly during my time as a LaTeX Consultant at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences. While typeset­ting more than a dozen books as well as various arti­cles and mas­ter the­ses, I was able to expand my know­ledge even fur­t­her. Thus, I’m also fami­li­ar with more recent packa­ges, such as packa­ges for typeset­ting struc­tu­ral for­mu­las in Chemistry and enhan­ced packa­ges for text lay­out and font selec­tion. Based on my pro­found expe­ri­ence, I can also fami­lia­ri­ze mys­elf easi­ly with packa­ges that were just deve­lo­ped.

LaTeX Typesetting, Coaching and Training (Selection)

Winfried Scharlau: Das Glück, Mathematiker zu sein. Springer Spektrum, 2017

Arnold F. Holleman and Nils Wiberg: Anorganische Chemie. De Gruyter, 2017

Michael Ruhrländer: Brückenkurs Mathematik. Pearson Studium, 2016

Max-Planck-Institut für demo­gra­fi­sche Forschung: LaTeX trai­ning in 2012, 2015, and 2016

Eberhard Zeidler (Ed.): Springer-Taschenbuch der Mathematik. Springer Spektrum, 2012

A com­ple­te over­view of the books that I have typeset and my coa­ching and trai­ning activi­ties can be found at References.

Typesetting and Coaching

It would be a plea­su­re to me to assist and advi­se you on for­mat­ting your texts with LaTeX. This app­lies to text­books as well as to mas­ter and bache­lor the­ses and arti­cles. I can deve­lop style files, crea­te an index or mul­ti­ple index regis­ters and biblio­gra­phies, or fina­li­ze the for­mat­ting of your text. Even when more com­plex error messa­ges occur, I can give you advice.


I offer LaTeX trai­ning at dif­fe­rent levels: cour­ses for begin­ners, refres­her cour­ses or cour­ses for expe­ri­en­ced users on the hand­ling of BibTeX, the use of gra­phic packa­ges or the crea­ti­on of style and class files. The cour­ses are held eit­her in German or English.